Retevis RT-9550 IP


With IP Network DMR Repeater 55W UHF Digital/Analog Mode TDMA 2 Time Slots Support IP Connect Cross-City Com

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  • All-aluminum alloy workmanship and large area heat dissipation design.
  • Configure with a broadband duplexer slot,and optional built-in duplexer.
  • Realizing integration of the CCM module, TX and RX module, power supply module and duplexer, and can be put to used after attaching the antenna, even without an engineering cabinet.
  • All modules can be replaced easily, and you can choose modules flexibly according to your accrual needs.
  • Equipped with the 220V power module and battery port preventing communication shut down because of power off.
  • LCD screen for displaying information such as transmit and receive condition.
  • Equipped with knob that can quickly adjust operating mode, frequency, color code and power.

Functional: features

  • Supports conventional transceiving in digital/analog modes.
  • Supports PDT/DMR modes.
  • Supports IP networking.
  • Supports pseudo trunking function.
  • Supports simulcast function.
  • Supports trunking function, dynamic frequency, and trunking simulcast.


Working frequency Receive:430-440Mhz,Transmit:440-450MHz(Frequency can be customized according to demand)
Channel space 12.5kHz(Digital mode)/25kHz(Analog mode)
Multi-access mode TDMA
Duplexing space 5M-10MHz
Modulation and demodulation 4FSK/FFSK/FM
Successive data transmission speed(per carrier) 9.6kbps
Carrier frequency error <=100hz
Working humidity 20%-80%
Storage humidity <80%
Working temperature -30°C—+60°C
Storage temperature -40°C—+85°C


Sensitivity(5%BER)(digital) Static sensitivity -120dBm
Dynamic sensitivity -115dBm
Sensitivity(12dB SINAD)(analogue) -117dBm
Maximum signal Rx level -7dBm
Adjacent channel selectivity -65dB@12.5kHz/-70dB@25kHz
Channel inhibition 12dB
Blocking 84dB
Inter modulation 70dB
Spurious response inhibition 70dB
Conducted spurious transmission -57dBm


Frequency stability ±0.1ppm
RF output power 3-100W
Maximum output power variation ±1.5dB(normal)
Adjacent channel power -65dB@12.5kHz/-75dB@25kHz
Conducted/radiated interference(antenna) 9kHz-1GHz<=-30dBm
Conducted/radiated interference(antenna) 30Mhz-1GHz<=-36dBm
Inter modulation attenuation <=-60dB@12.5kHz
Adjacent channel power during transient switch ±12.5kHz<=-50dB

Package Include:
  • 1 x RT-9550 Digital/Analog Repeater
  • 1 x Power line

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